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Habari Car Rental is one of the leading car rental companies in Uganda and Rwanda. We are a Uganda and Rwanda local car rental company whose dedicated aim is to provide our customers with value for money car rentals at client preferred locations in most of Uganda and Rwanda.

We use vehicles from our own fleet. But if we don’t have the car of your preference, we shall have same sourced for you, from other car rental providers, both private and corporate. So if you are looking for a truck, bus, lorry or even road grader, contact us, and we shall endeavour to provide same for you. We run a professional and proficient rental service as you would expect from a company that is affiliated to a UK registered company.

Your booking with Habari Car Rental is however subject to various terms and conditions which are detailed below.

General Car Rental Terms & Conditions

The rental of any car from Habari Car Rentals is subject to:

Habari Car Rental’s General Terms & Conditions as outlined below

· The rental terms and conditions of our vehicle rental agreement as detailed on the url document below.


· The laws of the country in which the car hire takes place i.e Uganda/Rwanda.

Habari Car Rental accepts no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of any loss, damage, alterations, delays or changes arising from civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural and other disasters, including  fire or adverse weather conditions, unavoidable technical problems with other service providers of aspects of your travel outside our control. Your taking delivery of a vehicle from us signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

This website is owned and operated by Habari Travels a Limited company registered in Uganda.

The Booking Process.

At Habari Car rentals, we have made the process of booking a car on www.ugandarwandacarhire.com as easy and straightforward as possible. Our booking enquiry form on the homepage, allows you to advise us type of rental required, whether self drive or with driver, type of 4x4 car required, ranging from large 4x4 cars, compact 4x4s that can be used for town running or upcountry use etc. You will be invited to advise us your pick up location, date and time, which allows us to schedule airport and hotel vehicle drop offs. We then invite you to advise us drop off location, date and time.

Using the information provided to us, we aim to confirm availability of vehicle and quote to you, within 4 hours as a service delivery guarantee. Once you are happy with our quote, we will email you a draft rental agreement for your review. The draft rental agreement, a copy of which can be found on the url below, serves as a guide between the renter (you) and Us.


We request that you signal your acceptance of the rental terms within 3 days of us sending same out to you. We will then reserve the vehicle for you. We may request for a commitment deposit of 20% with the balance payable in cash on delivery of the vehicle to you in either Uganda or Rwanda.

What’s included in the price.


· Free cancellation within 24 hrs of booking

· Unlimited mileage (exceptions may apply)Please check rental terms and conditions.

· Third party liability insurance

· Comprehensive Insurance cover can be arranged upon request.

· Airport delivery and collection


· Fuel

· Additional drivers

· Optional extras (eg camping gear, child car seats)

· Anything not specified as included

Fuel Policies

Habari Car Rental operates a range of fuel policies for your convenience

Full to Full

You are provided a car with a full tank of fuel and you must return the car with a full tank of fuel. You will be charged a refuelling fee if the tank is not full.

Empty to Empty

We deliver the vehicle to you nearly empty. You should return the car with an empty fuel tank. No refund will be made by Habari Car Rental when surplus fuel is returned. For repeat clients, we can arrange for fuel credits on your next rental from us.

Third Party Vehicle Insurance

All our self drive cars come with 3rd party vehicle insurance. Please be advised that 3rd party insurance cover is fairly basis in coverage nature. It only provides coverage for bodily injury to persons other than the driver and on property damage to anything other than the rental vehicle. We strongly advise that you take out additional comprehensive vehicle insurance cover. Please ask us for details. We shall arrange same for you with our vehicle insurance company at very competitive rates.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance cover provides coverage for:

· Physical damage to windscreens, tyres, roof and under carriage;

· Fire;

· Theft;

· Vandalism;

· Towing costs relating to the loss or damage;

· Loss of use of the rental vehicle.

Please Note: All insurances are invalidated if the hirer or any other named driver lets an unauthorised person drive the car . Habari Car Rentals will recover full damages incurred while a car is being driven by an unauthorised driver or violates the rental agreement as specified.


We request that nominated drive is over 21yrs of age and has possessed a valid driver’s licence for at least 2 years.

Upon request we are able to include one additional driver at the time of booking. Similar conditions apply for additional drivers.

We shall request for proof this requirement by asking to see original copies of:

- Your driving licence (as described below)
- Your credit card
- Further identification, such as a passport, utility bill may also be required.
- If you have booked online please bring a signed copy of the draft rental agreements.

Paying for your Car Rental

You may pay for your booking using the following methods:


· Most Major credit cards via paypal

· Bank to Bank wire transfers into our London Bank account or DFCU account in Kampala

· Cash on vehicle delivery.

We charge a 5% paypal transaction fee, and bank wire transfer fee of US$30 for bank wire transfers into our US$ accounts.

Changes to your booking

An amendment fee may be charged for changes to the times, dates, location or vehicle type. The amendment fee would reflect applicable delivery fees, unsocial working hours etc. Changing some aspects of your vehicle rental booking may result in a change to the price. If the cost of the changed booking is greater than the cost of the original booking, you will be charged the difference. If the cost of the changed booking is less than the cost of the original booking, no refund will be made.

Subject to availability, before your agreed start time you may change your vehicle pick up location, drop off location, time, and date-applicable rental terms fees will be applied.

Also Subject to availability, during your rental period you may extend the duration of your rental, i.e date and time. In this case, revised rental fees will be applied consistent with your original rental per day fees. However no refunds will be given for vehicles returned earlier than stipulated in the rental agreement:

We may also from time to time make changes to your rental schedule for operational reasons. If we are forced to make any changes to for example your agreed vehicle, we will notify you as soon as possible and if the proposed changes are not acceptable we will refund any advance payments e.g commitment fees received for your booking in full. We do not accept any additional liability for any direct or indirect losses you may suffer as a result of such changes. We will endeavour to keep these to a minimum, and commit to supplying a similar vehicle of one of a higher standard to the one originally agreed to.

Vehicle rental booking cancellations.

If you cancel your reservation within 72 hours of placing the booking with us , Habari Car Rental will issue a refund of any advance monies received by us, less non- refundable charges. If you cancel your reservation more than 72 hours from the time of making the booking no refund will be issued. Any bookings cancelled less than 24 hours from the due pick up date and time are non refundable.

Kindly Note:
Cancellations may take up to 14 working days to reverse process and effect..

Vehicle Returns.

We kindly request that return your vehicle to the agreed rental location at the agreed time and well in advance of your onward travel plans to allow sufficient time to complete vehicle hand over formalities.

You must return the rental vehicle in the same condition as it was at the start of your vehicle hire period. The Habari Car Rental representative with carefully inspect the vehicle, and take a vehicle inventory.

Should you unavoidably find yourself running late for the return of the rental vehicle, we request and advise that you contact us as early as possible on +256.782.014.207 OR +256.77440.9640 OR +44.790.863.9450 as soon as possible. Late vehicle return fees may be levied if the hire vehicle is returned after the time and date stated on the rental agreement.

Habari Car Rental reserved the right to repossess the rental vehicle at your expense and in the event of excessive delays in returning the vehicle may report to the police that the vehicle is in your possession without Habari Car Rental’s consent.

Cross-Country Border Rentals.

Vehicle hirers must refer to the rental agreement terms. Vehicles on hire can only cross country border with prior approval from Habari Car Rental. Due to spates of car theft in both Uganda and Rwanda, we will need to furnish you with documents that will enable you to cross borders with the rental vehicles, otherwise land border immigration official will deny entry to the rental vehicles.


All vehicles are checked and serviced before being rented out. However, because of the rough driving conditions of the rental coverage areas(Uganda/Rwanda/Kenya/Tanzania and in some rare cases Congo, there are times that there are unexpected problems with vehicles.

  • Renters of vehicles are required to return the vehicles to our nominated garages for all repairs when the vehicle has a problem while in, or around Kampala/Kigali (Less than 50 kilometres from Kampala/Kigali town centre).
  • Renters may take vehicles to another garage when a minor problem occurs while driving outside of the Kampala/Kigali area (more than 50 kilometres from Kampala/Kigali town centre).
  • When bringing a vehicle to any garage please do not leave valuables in the vehicle (even the car tool kit) as it is not uncommon for items to be stolen at the garage.
  • In the case of a major breakdown we will supply a mechanic and a new vehicle as soon as possible (contact the office at the numbers listed ). Drivers cannot travel at night. If a breakdown occurs late in the day a driver can be sent no sooner than early the next morning.
  • Renters wishing to take a vehicle outside the agreed borders must receive approval for this travel.
  • Renters who travel outside of the pre-approved travel areas will be required to repair vehicles at their own expense and depending on the nature of the repairs may receive reimbursement of costs incurred when they return the vehicle. To receive reimbursements renters must provide receipts.


In the event of an accident,

  • First contact the police. It is mandatory that you receive a police report for any traffic incident.
  • Then contact our office (we may be able to help you with the police procedure).
  • After an accident do not leave the vehicle unattended as it is not uncommon for unattended vehicles to be vandalized.
  • We will supply a vehicle to replace your damaged vehicle if there is one available. Availability cannot be guaranteed.


· Please drive carefully and obey the posted speed limits

· Drive defensively

You may be stopped by the police for a vehicle inspection to check for

· insurance and road licence (these are the stickers on the windows)

· safety equipment

Please be careful when parking in Kampala/Kigali/Nairobi /Arusha and other towns.

· Lock the vehicle and close all windows. Vandalism of unattended cars is not uncommon.

· Park in designated parking areas only. There is a penalty of approximately US$50 for parking in an unauthorized area.

· Please pay the parking fee . Parking attendants wearing uniforms will collect the fee and give you a parking ticket. Display the ticket on the dashboard. Parking fines incurred are the responsibility of the renter.

The Legalese.


Your rental may be terminated and your vehicle repossessed (at your expense) for any serious breach by you of the terms of your rental or the rental supplier reasonably believes you are in serious breach.


If any of the provisions of the terms of the vehicle rental are or become unenforceable then this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the terms as a whole or of any other provisions thereof.

Limitations on Liability and Law

We disclaim to the maximum extent permitted by law all warranties expressed or implied by statute, custom or usage relating to the information contained in our website and we shall not be liable whether in contract tort (including negligence) or otherwise arising from the provision of our services or from any interruption or delay in accessing our vehicle rental services.

We may retain your card details and you consent to us debiting such amounts for which you are liable for and you will reimburse us in respect of, all claims by or against it resulting from your failure to comply with the terms of your rental, including the Habari Car Rental Terms and Conditions and/or the terms of any related insurance policies.

We shall have no liability to you or third parties for loss or damage sustained arising out of or in connection with your use of the rental vehicle during your rental period unless that loss or damage arises from our negligence, breach of the terms of these Terms and Conditions or any breach of any of our statutory obligations.

We shall have no responsibility for any property left in or damaged as a result of being in the vehicle.

The laws of Uganda and if applicable Rwandan laws shall apply to our service provision, these Terms and Conditions.

The vehicle hirer agrees that:

Until the rental vehicle is returned to Habari Car Rental, you will be liable as hirer of the rental vehicle for any offences, penalties or fines committed or sustained in respect of the rental vehicle under any relevant Ugandan or Rwanda road traffic laws during the vehicle rental period.

The information that you have supplied is true, and that all material facts which might reasonably be expected to affect either the insurance or any decision to enter into your agreement for the hire of the rental vehicle to Habari Car Rentals have been disclosed. False, misleading or concealed information may invalidate any insurance and Habari Car Rentals rental agreement with yourself.